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Art. CU01710


Antibedsore air cushion with connected cells

Antibedsore air cushion with connected cells

Antibedsore cushion made of natural rubber, designed with interconnected air cells whole seal is of high and resistant quality.
The cushion is available with single valve or dual valve or 4 valves in differentiated sectors..
The honeycomb shape of the cells, inflated with air, allows to balance the position and the management of the contact pressure; it adapts to the anatomy and to the patient movements, with a reduction of the friction and the shear forces.
This particular structure facilitates the air circulation and the Maintenance of an optimal microclimate inside the cushion, preventing the skin maceration.
Its structure actes effectively on the uniform distribution of pressure on patients even with a very high body weight, in any position and after any movement.
The cover, with zip closure, is in antibaterial, bielastic and breathable poluyrethane to minimize friction between skin and cushion; it is fitted with antislip base to provide greater safety and stability.

Technical data
• Material: natural rubber
• Characteristics: with cover, provided with inflation kit
• Maximum weight allowed: Kg 150
• Warranty: 2 years (excluding the parts under wear and tear)

40x40 - 44x40- 44x44 cm
Cell height: 6,50 or 10 cm
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